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2014 Toyota Supra Concept: An Artist's Take on the Japanese Firm's Sports Car

In the years that followed after the suspension of production of the last Toyota Supra, the MkIV in 2002, we were (and still are) blasted with numerous reports and rumors suggesting that the Japanese carmaker is planning a revival of its flagship sports car.
More recently, Car Magazine cited unnamed official sources as saying that Toyota has alreadyapproved a successor to the Supra. Of course, until we hear it from Toyota, we're obliged to take everything we read about a future Supra with a grain of salt.
Nevertheless, we always welcome design proposals for future cars from talented artists like Andreas Fougner who attempted to reinterpret the Toyota Supra for the 21st century.

Fougner's design builds on the basic lines of Toyota's upcoming FT-86 rear-wheel drive sports coupe creating a slightly more muscular and distinct shape. You can check out the rest of the images below and tell us what you think about it in the comments section.

IAA 2011: Ford's Pure Electric E-Bike Concept

Lost somewhere between the world premieres of the production 2012 Focus ST and theconceptual Fiesta ST and EVOS at Ford's Frankfurt Motor Show gig, is the E-Bike Concept that was created to demonstrate how the company's design language can translate into a bicycle.The pure electric bicycle was developed by a Ford Design team headed by Executive Design Director Martin Smith, in partnership with cyber-Wear, the German brand behind the automaker's lifestyle collection products.
The E-Bike features a lightweight frame made from aluminium and carbon that tips the scales at a mere 2.5kg or about 5.5 pounds. Concealed in the frame is a lithium-ion battery that drives a front wheel hub motor and which promises to offer a range of up to 85km (52 miles) on a full charge.
The conceptual bicycle is fitted with control unit that activates or deactivates the electric motor, with Ford claiming that it provides "a seamless integration of the power of the legs with the power of the motor".

“The E-Bike market is growing very, very rapidly, with some 30 million units sold globally last year,” said Axel Wilke, director, vehicle personalization, Ford Customer Service Division Europe. “We see E-Bikes as an important element of urban electric mobility. More and more people are using E‑Bikes for short distance commuting and they are becoming comfortable with the concept of electric mobility."
Ford noted that while it has no plans to produce the E-Bike, it will continue studying the concept.