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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Chevrolet Mi-Ray --- 2011 Concept

Chevrolet Mi-Ray front look

Unspecialized Motors' organization eye in Seoul, Southwest Korea, has undraped its prime conception car, and it is a "future" we definitely can acceptance. This carbon-bodied, aluminum-framed plug-in word is one smooth ride we'd equal to see the Unspecific develop.

The Mi-Ray, Peninsula for "succeeding," showcases a lot of the sophisticated tech General Motors already offers in vehicles equal the Chevrolet Volt. It's making its launching at the Seoul Auto Evince and almost sure will be a performer of the take.

Chevrolet Mi-Ray interior look
The styling celebrates Chevrolet's 100th day and pays respect to its racing acquisition, hunting punt at cars same the 1963 Monza SS and different Corvettes patch also hunting aweigh. We copulate the race-inspired scissor doors. The square bodywork, also inspired by hero jets, is prefab carbon stuff and element reinforced plastic.

Mark the indoor, which is full in metal, leather and "liquidity element surfaces," along with a lot author element stuff. Button the Move fix and the device foregather rises from the direction pillar. Sounds caller but seems superfluous.

Chevrolet Mi-Ray side look

The car rides on an aluminium chassis and large metal and carbon-fiber wheels. The cheat wheels are propelled by a duet of 15-kilowatt (20-horsepower) motors that tie powerfulness from a tiny 1.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion firing. Compass? Recharge second? Who knows. GM didn't say.

The motors are for tooling around townsfolk. Stomping on the gun awakens the mid-mounted 1.5-liter turbo'd quadruplet that drives the nurture wheels.

GM claims the car is solid for 60 mpg city and 63 highway. Ratio are we'll never see the Mi-Ray in showrooms, but GM says it "points to the early of Chevrolets around the globe."

Chevrolet Mi-Ray back look
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