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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

BMW X7 2014

When it comes to the possibility of a BMW X7, we’ve heard all kinds of things. First, there were rumors saying it would produce and then the rumors were pulled back saying that plans for the X7 had been cancelled . Now, it has turned into a game of tennis with the plans switching back to the production side yet again. That’s right, the SUV is back on track, but only because the Chinese market is asking for it.
This may seem like it came out of nowhere, and it has. Wall Street Journal recently published an article on the upcoming world’s largest economic summit in Seoul. The main topic of this summit is “global rebalancing,” but amidst all of the mumbo jumbo is a couple of paragraphs that lead us to believe that BMW is rethinking its decision to pull the BMW X7 out.
"So, BMW is downshifting. While it makes one big SEDAN especially for the Chinese market, it isn’t ramping up production enough to fill all its Chinese orders. It wants to make sure it has sufficient supply for the U.S. and Germany."
"The company is also counting on the U.S. to rebound more quickly than doom-and-gloomers think, making rebalancing less necessary than the leaders gathered in Seoul believe. It is even reconsidering its decision to cancel a new large SUV, which was meant mainly for U.S. buyers."
Is the X7 back on? We think so. All we need to find out now is if BMW will be relying more on the growing Chinese market as stated in the report, or if the plans for the X7 to be sold in America will stand.


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