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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Toyota FT-86 Coupe 2012

The European division of Toyota makes announcement about its latest model of the FT-86 sports coupe which has made people all the more excited. The automakers from Japan have said that the production guise will be available to the consumers by 2012. The new model is to sport a new boxer engine from Subaru which has a capacity of 2.0-liter and has four cylinders and fitted by the D-4S technology of Toyota. The engine is to host direct injection that is combined with port injection.
Toyota is yet to give out the figures on the fuel economy ratings and the horsepower of the engines. But it has said about the horsepower and torque that the technology of D4–S has incorporated more horsepower and torque with not much wastage of fuel and its performance in the environments. The hottest engine by Subaru that has the capacity of 2 liter that contains vertically similar gasoline engine, that is fitted into the Impreza 2012 that produces 148 HP and a torque of 145 lb-ft. But in the scenario of a FT-86, there is an expectation of a much higher output.

The FT-86 by Toyota is to offer either of the automatic transmission that is six speeds or the manual gearbox which is also six speeds unlike the ones on the Impreza 2012 which offers the CVT or the 5-speeds gear box. Toyota announced that the manual gears are going to be quick and precise that will require only a short throw, where as the transmission being automatic would host shifts that are sporty which brings the control possible with the paddle shifts that are mounted on the steering wheel.
Toyota tells us that the RWD Coupe is also designed to sport a differential slip that is limited. The engine is placed in front and is provided with a drive platform on the rear wheels.  The placement of the engine and the drive platform is to offer the driver with that ability to move skillfully even at the thinnest corners as none before. Toyota also boasts of its design with low center of gravity which is also lightweight to make driving a pleasure.
FT-86 will be sold at the Japanese and the European markets under its own badge name where as in North America, it will be introduced as Scion which was foreseen by the FR-S concept at the 2011 New York Auto Show. The version of Subaru is to hold the similar mechanical parts but with differently styled features.


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