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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ferrari’s Superamerica 45

Ferrari’s Superamerica 45-The coach building capacity of Ferrari is once again displayed by its latest release of the special Superamerica 45. It is to make its world premiere at the Villa d’Este Concours d’Eleganza in Italy during the weekend. The Superamerica 45 was actually built for the billionaire from New York who is none but the former owner of New York Post and collector of the Ferrari on the celebrations of his 45th anniversary on his first purchase of the Ferrari way back in 1961.
Previously, the belief that the SuperAmerica 45 was designed by the Pininfarina existed, but the styling makeover is actually the job of the Ferrari Design and the manufacturing and engineering was all done in-house.
The Ferrari 599 served as the basis for the Superamerica 45 and both these cars are distinguished with the bodywork that is customized for the latter along with the rotating roof that is made of carbon fiber. Ferrari 599 actually sports the rear screen and some other works which are typical of the 575 Superamerica. Not while an ago Ferrari came up with the drop top model of the 599 which was named as the Aperta which sported a much simpler version of the cover which was a soft top.


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