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Monday, 26 September 2011

Garmin launches navigation devices

Global satellite navigation giant Garmin has announced the release of two new personal navigation devices, the 4.3-inch nüvi 2465 and the 5-inch nüvi  2565. A driving video recorder and a wireless reversing camera system are on offer as accessories. However the biggest announcement was that Garmin will now be offering four free map updates to its customers per year. This should make Garmin’s navigation solutions a tempting option as against competition that charges for every update.
Garmin, the world leader in PNDs (portable navigation devices), has had a domestic presence for the past 15 years. They’ve supplied the government and defence forces. However with the demand for PNDs exponentially shooting up Garmin is focussing all its energy on being the largest player.
These new devices feature Indian accent guidance and even Hindi voice guidance. The mapping had been created by Nokia-owned Navteq specially keeping in mind India’s specialised conditions. Garmin assures us the devices will not be fazed by variables such as lack of lane discipline, incomplete highway construction, road diversions and such. While traffic updates are not currently available, the company says it will be in the near future.
The reversing camera feature is a wireless affair which just needs to be connected with the car's reverse lights. On engaging reverse gear, the camera sends a wireless video feed which is displayed on the GPS unit. The driving recorder which is quite popular in the Asian market lets you record video from the driver's point of view. Garmin says this will be helpful when claiming insurance in case of an accident. However the feasibility of constantly recording video onto the small 2 GB memory card is questionable.


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