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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Land Rover Scores 54% of the Vote in MSN Cars’ Poll of Best 4x4 Brands

In a recent online poll, MSN Cars asked its readers a simple question: “Which firm makes the best '4x4' type cars?” The winner, with an astonishing 54% of the 39,663 votes is IndianBritish automaker Land Rover.
The brand’s winning combination of aggressive yet attractive styling, “go anywhere” off-road ability, ruggedness and comfort have made Land Rover the powerhouse brand it is today – and a deserved winner. Land Rover UK managing director Colin Green is understandably over the moon:
“We are thrilled that MSN users have voted Land Rover their favourite 4x4 brand. We know that Land Rover has some of the best brand loyalty figures in the industry and this poll is testament to that. Taking over half the votes is a great achievement and goes to prove that Land Rover really does make the world's most authentic 4x4s. Thank you to everyone who voted for us!”
Second place was snatched by Toyota (9%) and Audi took a surprising third (8%). Jeep claimed an equally surprising sixth (3%), bested by the likes of BMW (6%), Mitsubishi (5%) and Subaru (4%). Mercedes-Benz shared 7th place with Jeep while Lexus, Volkswagen and Volvo scored 2% a piece.

With a history stretching back 63 years, there have been many noteworthy Land Rovers. It seems every model the company has released – from the Range Rover of the 1970s to the Discovery and Freelander models of the ‘90s – has ignited the public’s imagination and fuelled much debate.
So tell us, readers: what is your favourite Land Rover? Do you go with the traditionalist Series I of the ‘40s, the radical Evoque or the flawed yet brilliant Range Rover? You tell us.


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