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Thursday, 22 September 2011

The new Audi A8 L Security takes style and security to the next level

The new Audi A8 L-Other than manufacturing cars belonging to the luxury segment, the Audi Company now introduces to its customers Bullet Resistant Vehicles or BRVs as they are called.
The offer being the latest W12 powered Audi A8 L security, sale begins during summer this year and another model is expected to be launched sometime around next year.
The car makes sure that gives its clients complete satisfaction in terms of driving and looks. At a random glance the car might seem as a complete rip off of the Audi A8, but there is much more than meets the eye.
The car has been equipped with adequate ballistics protection and other than just bullets the new Audi A8 can withstand explosions and still keep the passengers unharmed.

The car is developed at the Audi Company workshop in Germany, a place where even mobile phones are not allowed to make sure that no technology is leaked. It takes around 450hours to build a single vehicle.
A lot of stress has been given to the body make for this car as it serves security purposes, few of the features that are included are
  • The car has Audi Space Frame (ASF) aluminum body which has a safety cell that is built by very strong materials like molten steel, aramide fabrics, ceramics etc.
  • The cell weighs around 720kg.
  • The car has reinforced side sills, the floor is armored to provide additional security.
  • 300kgs of glass have been added to this car and along with polycarbonate coating. The doors are strengthened and weigh around 360kg.
  • In case of an attack we have an emergency exit system, fire extinguisher and smoke extractors in the car.
The technical and performance of the new Audi A8 L security is pretty impressive as can be expected from anAudi car, the engine and other specifications include
  • A 6.3liter W12 engine that produces 500HP and 625Nm of maximum torque.
  • Despite of the added weight for security, the car has rapid acceleration, 0-100km/h (63mph) in 7.3 seconds, the car has top speed of 210km/h (131mph).
  • The gearbox has an automatic 8speed transmission system and the car comes equipped with the company patent Quattro or the all wheel drive.
  • The mileage provided by the car is decent at 13.5liters per 100kms, this is 3liters less than the previous version and the coming edition is supposed to bring the count down to 10-11liters.
  • The car has wide 19inch tires to handle the high speed situations, the electronic control systems, brakes and chassis have been upgraded as well.
  • The tires can run for quite a distance even if the pressure is lost for some reason.
  • The Audi A8 L Security, provides a high level of security and comfort along with the usual class that is expected of any Audi vehicle. The car is equipped with the latest Bose sound systems and a fast UMTS internet connection component.


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