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Friday, 23 September 2011

New BMW M5 F10

Ever since BMW first showed the new M5 sports saloon earlier in the summer, and sans a white example that appeared at the firm's Frankfurt Motors show stand, the Bavarians have been constantly tossing around press pictures of the car in the Monte Carlo racing blue hue.
Cool as it may be at first, over time and after a gazillion or so images of the M5 F10 in the same Monte Carlo color, we think we've just about had enough.

But fear not, the Bavarian-loving guys from 5Post have obtained new photos of the V8-powered sports sedan finished in an Individual Frozen Black hue.
While it's a first for the F10, regular readers may remember that we saw the same Individual color applied on the North American M3 Coupe special edition released back in June.


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