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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Opel Ampera EV Police cruiser

Opel Ampera EV Police cruiser - When it comes to pitching up the sales, getting the government as one of your clients does help significantly. Same is the case for the Opel Ampera EV Police cruiser, with a slightly high price tag it will need all the help possible to increase the sales.
This car has been rated as one of the most perfect cars for policing use, be in urban cities or the countryside. The built of this GM’ Opel division car is such that it can really withstand rough usage.
The Opel Ampera EV Police cruiser is a analogous vehicle for the Chevrolet Volt and being the same in features as well is something that makes these two cars seem similar.

This car will be released in European markets by the end of this year and speculations are that it can be a perfect car for patrolling purposes.
Features for the Opel Ampera EV Police cruiser are impressive as without outstanding performance catching criminals is tougher than usual,
  • Tough body with solid make and properly shaped.
  • The engine runs on pure electric mode for 40-80km before the petrol engine kicks in.
  • The car has high acceleration reaching 0-160km/h in just 9 seconds.
  • Radio enhancement features make this car a delight for policing purposes.
  • The packages for this car can be easily modified for robust usage hence it can be a preference again.


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