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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bentley Launches China-Only Continental Flying Spur "Linley" Special Edition

China is quickly becoming the ideal place to launch bespoke (…and higher-priced) special edition versions for luxury carmakers. The latest example is Bentley, which will sell just 10 Continental Flying Spurs created in cooperation with British design company Linley.

The Linley limited edition will only be available in what is now Bentley’s biggest market in the world. According to the British carmaker, it “incorporates signature Linley elements that will appeal to customers who value pedigree, lineage, handcrafted quality and peerless design”.

As usual with such editions, the changes compared to the standard Continental Flying Spur are purely cosmetic. The 10 Chinese customers who will opt for a Linley edition of the Flying Spur will get Santos rosewood instead of the “regular” Bentley chestnut or walnut trim covering surfaces like the fascia, console, waist rail and roof console.

The Linley Helix motif is also engraved in the tread plates and throughout the interior in places like the rhodium-plated plaque in the glove box. Unlike the decadent smoke-bashing Westerners, in this China-only edition the best part is reserved for smokers: the rear console is fitted with a Linley-designed box containing a humidor, a cigar cutter and an ashtray.
Finally, since the owner will not be the one driving, he/she and his/her company can enjoy a cool drink thanks to the built-in fridge behind the armrest and rear console with a designated area for bottle storage.


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