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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Crazy Idea of the Day: LP Record Playing Bicycle…

Ask any young person about LP records these days and most will probably look at you as if you just crawled out of a cave. But not these Dutch youngsters that came up with a cool idea – albeit a completely useless one in the age of electronics.
What they did is combine a bicycle with a record player. And how did they manage that, we hear you ask? By adapting the rear wheel of the bicycle in order to play LP records.
Easier said than done because the team had to overcome certain technical problems such as to be able to change the record without having to remove the rear wheel, which they solved by cutting one side of the rear fork and reinforcing it to withstand the weight of the rider.
The makers of the "Feats Per Minutebike, which also sports a gramophone like speaker, say that they've also made sure the needle will stay in place and won't jump. Sounds good – just as long as you keep pedaling at the right speed, that is…


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