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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Get it While You Can: TomTom Top Gear Edition Still Available for Order

As you probably have already heard, navigation system specialist TomTom was forced to stop production of the Top Gear Edition satnav and drop plans to allow existing owners to download Jeremy Clarkson's voice on their models because of a clause found in BBC’s own contact.

However, TomTom had already manufactured 54,000 units of the Top Gear Edition device and the deal they came up with the British public service broadcaster, was to donate any proceeds owed to BBC Worldwide to BBC Children in Need, along with an additional charitable donation by TomTom.
If you were disappointed, you'll be happy to know that a TomTom representative came in contact with Carscoop and told us that the Top Gear Edition device is still available for order while supplies last.
Here's what Kelsey Sherman from TomTom told us: "While we will not be producing additional GO LIVE Top Gear Editions, the units that have already been produced will be available for purchase."
The U.S. version of the TomTom Top Gear Edition is priced at $269.95 and from what we can tell, the navigation system is based on the recently launched Go Live 1535 M portable navigation device with a 5.0-inch screen pre-loaded with Jeremy Clarkson's voice and a Top Gear theme.
Those interested may want to sign up to TomTom first and receive a $10 "welcome" coupon. We signed up and applied the coupon but didn't finish the transaction, so we're not 100 percent sure it works on your first buy. Nevertheless, it's worth a try.


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