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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New Cadillac CTS Coupe Becomes Best-Seller in its Segment in the U.S.

“If it looks right, it’ll fly right”: the saying from the aeronautical field isn’t always accurate. But as far as cars are concerned, if it looks right, then you can bet that this will affect sales in a positive way.

One such example is the new Cadillac CTS Coupe. Few can deny that it's appearance is one of its strong points, and sales figures prove that it surely flies - out of the showrooms, that is.
Only a year after launch, the CTS Coupe is the best-selling mid-size luxury coupe in the U.S., and it's competing for the title of the best-selling luxury coupe in the market, or at least that's what General Motors is claiming.

From January until the end of September, Cadillac shifted 15,771 cars or 27% of the total CTS sales, which also include the sedan and Sport Wagon models. This is in sharp contrast to its competitors, where coupes account for only 9% of their total models’ volumes.
Kurt McNeil, vice president of Cadillac sales and service, said: “The launch and sales of the CTS Coupe has been an unqualified success and sets the stage for the all-new ATS and XTS models as a critical step in Cadillac’s brand renaissance.”

The Coupe seems to have acted as a halo model for the entire CTS range as sales of its two other versions have also increased, with total sales of the CTS family having grown by 24% compared to 2010.


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