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Friday, 30 April 2010

Mercedes - Benz E63

I am in now in a great situation to to review a very decent and branded MERCEDES - BENZ E63. This is really a very cool super car for those peoples who like to do their jobs as well and after job the family time comes. Here is some Review of Mercedes - Benz E63 from me.

Lets Get started, This is one of the SUPERLATIVE LUXURY car in the world.
The Front Of the gear selector is is The AMG drive unit button and it really firms up the suspension in two ways.
If u push the button for once, its gonna be for 'SPORT'.
If u push the button for twice, its gonna be for 'SPORT PLUS'.
These functions are the really cool functions of this car. Those above buttons makes a world of difference. With the button 'SPORT PLUS' engaged, this E63 will be a boost and have a speed of 110 miles per hour with four grown men inside is like puttering about in traffic in any other car. All these functions installed because in now a days, who has time for regular old sport? Its really a gentleman car. There's is no drama. Blame it on the E63's curious suspension set up.

Now something about Air suspension. On this hand, E63 won't make that soft and floaty like AUDI. The front end is still stuffed and it is full of huge coil-over. It is McPherson strut. Springs are also freaking massive. It has a wider spins even i have seen wider springs on trucks but not in a car. They are just nearly the width of the driver's hand span. Inside are those big and bad coils which are dampers which are something called AMG Ride Control. AMG Ride Control that not only constantly monitors the driving situation to control body roll and ride quality but it can stiffen the shocks at the touch of the aforementioned button. It have 2.2-inch wider front end and the self-leveling air-suspended rear.

E63 is a great car for mega-sleeper, the sleeper's sleeper. The E63 AMG follows BMW's E39 M5 pattern very closely. If you really want a proof then you have to go out and check it out because only visual proofs are available. The brakes are some bigger there, big and inaccurate. It has 6.3 badges in the front fenders. by the way, if you observe E63 as a casual car, you will say that it is similar to BMW's E39 M5. But on the other hand, only E63 is severely more powerful, shifts much quicker and handles better.

WHEELS .....
Front Tires --- 255/35 R 19
Rear Tires --- 285/30 R 19
Suspension --- AMG RIDE CONTROl sports suspension with steel - spring front struts, rear air . AMG air suspension drivetrain

Transmission --- AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission
Differential --- Electronic locking LSD with ESP selectable suspension characteristics

ENGINE .....
Type --- Handbuilt AMG V8 introduced on SL63 AMG Roadster
Displacement --- 6.2 liters
Induction --- Naturally aspirated
Horsepower --- 525 bhp
Torque --- 465 lb-ft. (630 Nm)

Acceleration --- (0-100 km/h) 4.5 seconds
Top Speed --- 155 mph, electronically limited

It has a 7 shift transmission which gives E63 a great sports look style and performance. It also makes a contribution to fuel economy. A wet start-up clutch running in an oil bath replaces the last torque converter. This is a very rapid process. It has a low rotational inertia which prevents the losses of torque. Its transmission have four driving modes

1)Controlled Efficiency;
3)Sport Plus and
4)Manual (which can be selected by using a rotary electronic switch in AMG DRIVE UNIT. In this mode the gear shifting process to be performed in 100 milliseconds.)

PRICE .....


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