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Sunday, 2 May 2010


Introducing a brand new SUPER COOL car for you guys and gals. If you want everybody’s attention and everybody’s eyes on you then you are in the right place and reading a right thing. The ACURA have now its newly born blast called ACURA ZDX . Its Five – Door body style and yes don’t ever compare it to Honda Accord Crosstour. Honda’s jacked – up hatch is larger than the ZDX and its also a useful thing in that. Instead of this, it’s best to think of the ACURA ZDX as a rake – roofed version of MDX. It also have its coolest competitor, the BMW X6. These both models of ACURA and BMW share the similar designs and also purposes. ZDX also makes out in prices and performance.

Compared to the other vehicles like Crosstour (as I mention above), the body comes in four inches shorter and just slightly longer than X6. That means it is really really differ from Crosstour, MDX and BMW.

ACURA ZDX really going to the same direction where we all know as our thinking that the stylish cars in the world. This might be ACURA’s most successful application of its new aesthetic. The Design of the ACURA ZDX must gonna rock the world in the next days. The overall design is far more cohesive than ACURA’s recent efforts. But despite that, it’s still polarizing.


Let us now talk about ACURA ZDX interiors and as we all know acura and style never repel. In that case, Acura done a good job in style but Acura may have sacrificed rear passenger volume to style. Instead, Laggage capacity remains good. With the rear seat up, the ZDX can swallow 26.3 cubic feet, a volume that grows to 56 cubic feet with the rear thrones folded flat. The rear deck is tall and also flat so that it makes it a good place for laggage and it has also included three hidden storage areas below the rear load floor and in each rear corner.

The bad thing about rear door is that when its open, it has shrunk both vertically and longitudinally that may cause head – banging when getting in or out. The next thing is that the Acura targeted more towards couples. If you want to target it to couples then why you have rear seats.


We all have always been fond of ACURA V6 which have its 300 horsepower and 270 pound – feet of torque. Of course, the ACURA ZDX don’t want to be middle in any race, its gonna win it. So Acura gives it a 4,452 pound curb weight, and it also have a 300 horsepower engine. The steering wheel-mounted paddles allow some manual control, although tapping the flippers up or down seems to be more of a suggestion rather than a control interface. Running the 3.7-liter ZDX up to the far end of the tach will still trigger automatic upshifts even in "manual" mode, but on the plus side, when the cogswaps arrive, they are quick and smooth.


The ACURA ZDX has arguably the best car to date of Acura’s design and generally very good driving dynamics despite its compromised package. Its not for the peoples who wants their cars live so longer. It’s a really useful for youth these days. It is very beneath from BMW X6. Acura really focus on style not on everything. If you really want to buy it then you are going to give $ 50,000. Its not a high price for a coolest stylish and sexiest car but not much in performance.


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