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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 Spider

Italian luxury sportscar manufacturer, Ferrari has had a great run in the market if its record sales levels are anything to go by. The first of the models to be launched is a convertible variant of the 458 Italia, the 458 Spider. Among the coolest features of this car is that it will have a hard top that can be folded, replacing the earlier variant’s soft top.
The new car is expected to be launched this year during the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show in September, before it is launched in markets in the same month in Europe. The car will be available in America only by early 2012. The extra weight to the car may make it a bit slower added further by the auto mechanism. Moreover, the car will feature the same performance of 570hp, and peak torque of 400 pounds feet or 542Nm approx. from its V8 4.5l engine.
Ferrari is also planning to launch replacements for the Enzo and 599 GTB Fiorano next year. The successor to the Enzo is likely to be dubbed as F70, and is being tested out with 2 different powertrain options. One is a V8 twin turbo engine that will generate 700hp; with the other is a V12 engine that will generate 800hp.


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