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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Toyota LF-Gh hybrid

Toyota released the opening shots from the official of the latest LF-Gh hybrid concept car being produced by its luxury brand Lexus. It is schedules to have its world debut at the forthcoming 2011 version of  International Auto Show at New York. This auto show is going to be held between April 22 and May 11. The name for the concept has been decided on Lexus Future Grand Touring Hybrid. According to Toyota this LF-Gh model is all set to rewrite the finest majestic touring sedan.
Lexus was quoted saying that this concept variant will redefine the brand’s philosophy on L-Finesse design. The car sports a bolder which is more distinctive in appearance. It was also stated that a large portion of the vision behind the concept may be transferred to Lexus vehicles that will be belted out in future on a worldwide scale.
Another presumption on he rounds is that the letter ‘G’ which is a part of the name of the car, it is expected to be viewed as the newer series of GS premium sedan. But there is no authorized confirmation on this statement.

 LF-Gh  LF-Gh  hybrid -Two teaser pictures which could be viewed illustrate that fragments of both the front as well as rear side exhibit more aggressive and striking taillights and headlights. From the photo with the front view we also get sneak peak at the car’s colossal grille and the part that seems to look like a brake vent near the low corner of the heavily sculpted bumper or an aerodynamic element. The rear picture demonstrates the taillights of the car. They have an elaborate design. Also there is an aperture beneath the taillight which is most likely to enhance the styling of the car.

Lexus didn’t reveal any technicalities about this model. But we hope to gather more information in the 2 weeks before the official unveiling.


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