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Monday, 5 September 2011

New Hyundai Santa Fe India

The Hyundai Santa Fe is the latest effort made by Hyundai to sear the fast growing S.U.V. market place in India. The Santa Fe tasks itself as a luxurious S.U.V. with streamlined lines in the pattern and buttery interiors. Every inch of the Santa Fe patches luxuriousness. Add to that ground breaking applied science, model public presentation and threw out characteristics, and you will have a car thats truly well found. Moral force driving, smooth ride, exact handling, and implausibly quiet insides make the Santa Fe a much yearned for car in India.

Hyundai claims that the Santa Fes craft is inhaled by the center and completed with engineering. True indeed! The Hyundai Santa Fe will be the companies premium offer in India and is a technology display case for the car maker.
There are two-variants on offer ; a two wheeled driving only (4×2) and a four-wheel-drive (4×4) variant. They come in a choice of four outstanding colours Phantom Black, Sleek Silver, Vanilla White and Steel Blue that add another streak of sophistication and offer yet another reason why one should buy the Santa Fe.

The Hyundai Santa Fe luxuriousness S.U.V. is fit with a 2.2 litre (2199cc), four cylinder, DOHC (16Valve), CRDi engine along with an electrically held in Variable geometry Turbocharger. The Variable geometrical Turbocharger gets an additional electronic control that betters engine powerfulness and acceleration while also reducing emissions. The 2.2 CRDi makes 194bhp @ 3800 rpm and 420Nm of torsion between 1800-2500rpm. The powerful and economic engine is coupled with a slick six-speed manual of arms transmission gear box.
The Hyundai Santa Fe comes with all-wheel-drive which comes into activity if the vehicle is going over slippy road surfaces such as now, lax sand or alike such other surfaces that call for better traction. It is preponderantly a front-wheel ride and has a user-selectable 4WD alternative which remains powered on up to a velocity of 40 kmph after which it goes back to being a front-wheel-drive S.U.V.. There will be two-variants of Santa Fe on offer – a two wheeled ride only (4×2) and the four-wheel-drive variant (4×4).
Images 2011 New Hyundai Santa Fe India Side View 610x360 2011 New Hyundai Santa Fe India   Fast Growing SUV Market in India


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