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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Vettel Wins Back-to-Back Formula 1 Titles, Lauda says “He Can Surpass Schumacher”

If you have two Formula 1 world championships under your belt by the age of 24, then you surely must be special. Sebastian Vettel, who last year became the youngest world champion ever in the history of the sport, didn’t have anything to prove .
Nor did anyone doubt after the first races of the season, that the 2011 driver’s title would be his. Mathematically, at least, only McLaren's Jenson Button had a –very long- shot at stealing the title after Singapore. At last Sunday’s race in Suzuka, he did his best: Button crossed the finish line first.

Vettel, however, was content with third place since he secured the title four races before the end of the season. Niki Lauda, who himself has won three world championships, believes that the young German can even surpass Michael Schumacher’s incredible record of seven titles.
“He has all the circumstances to do it”, Lauda told Reuters. “If you choose the wrong car, then you can’t win because it’s always the combination of the two. But if he sits at the right time in the right car, he himself is certainly capable of winning more than Schumacher.”
The champion was certainly jubilant, but he didn’t forget that this isn’t a one man’s game: “I want to thank all the guys and girls in the factory at Milton Keynes, as it’s not just us here pushing very hard. It’s them as well, from the post office to the design office to the engineering office here at the track, their effort is just incredible.”
Red Bull boss Christian Horner points out that they have accomplished only one-half of their work, since they are also aiming for the constructors’ title.

With 172 points available in the four remaining races and the distance from the second McLarencurrently at 130 points, no one is willing to bet against Red Bull.
Story References: ESPN


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