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Monday, 10 October 2011

Video: Tesla Model S' Humongous 17-inch Infotainment Screen

Lexus may like to swagger about the new 2013 GS sedan's available 12.3-inch touchscreen, but when it comes to ultimate bragging rights, Tesla is king with the Model S' truly gigantic 17-inch multitouch display.

The crew over at shot a video of the upcoming Model S during the presentation of the car earlier this month with a Tesla spokesperson highlighting its attributes.
The screen has roughly the same size as two Apple iPads placed one on top of the other. It comes with a Linux-based OS and it provides a slew of features ranging from a web browser and Google Maps navigation systems to controls for the sunroof and the air conditioning.
According to the Tesla spokesman, when the pure-electric Model S hits the streets, the display will be fully customizable offering buyers the possibility to add various third-party apps and download different themes to change its appearance.
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